Volunteering Opportunities

Meaningful Experience (Volunteer)

Meaningful Experience

Meaningful Experience (Volunteer)

With the organisational mission to effect life transformation, we believe in working closely with the communities we serve which range from the young to the old. With the support and passion of volunteers, we can provide deeper intervention and build a social safety network for the vulnerable in the community. Explore our volunteer activities directory here to find the perfect opportunity for you to show your care to those in need.

SG Cares Volunteer Centres (VCs) operated by Fei Yue Community Services 

SG Cares VCs are operated by community-based organisations that are responsible for building volunteer capacity, developing volunteer management capabilities, and fostering community partnerships to strengthen the towns’ effectiveness in meeting the communities’ needs. Fei Yue Community Services has been appointed to serve as the SG Cares Volunteer Centres @ Bukit Batok, Chua Chu Kang and Hougang.