Befriending/Buddying up with the seniors is one of our main roles at our Active Ageing Centres (AAC), keeping the seniors connected to the world and away from social isolation.

Social isolation is one of the biggest enemies for the elderly and their social lives, with the health minister of Singapore, Mr. Ong Ye Kung, calling for the elderly to stay socially connected by taking part in the activities at the Active Ageing Centres.

In this article, we share about how the members of the Fei Yue Active Ageing Centre supported Mdm Lim Miao Yung, an elderly woman with previous health conditions that caused her to have a short temper, helped walk her through her darkest days, kept her socially active, and kept all of us standing together.

Befriending Mdm Lim

Mdm. Lim Miao Yung was a jovial and lively elderly person. Previously, she had to care for her grandson and was unable to join the activities at Fei Yue Active Ageing Centre (Formerly known as Senior Activity Centre) at Teck Whye (TWSAC). One day, she had a fall, and a blood clot formed in her brain, which caused a big change in her temperament. She was easily frustrated and often found fault with the slightest things; hence, lodging complaints became the norm. Her discontented mood was apparent all the time, and this often led to disagreements and arguments with people. Her agitation even caused her to become physically violent.

The other seniors that were also from Teck Whye Active Ageing Centre (formerly known as SAC) exhibited their disapproval quite openly, their expressions unmistakably conveying their dissatisfaction as they kept their distance from her wherever possible.

Starting from her life’s lowest point

It was a very trying period for the Fei Yue team. However, they stood together and worked with the volunteers to provide counselling for Mdm. Lim, and subsequently, they noticed the mood adjustments and improvements in her behaviour.

It was also during this period that her son passed away, and she fell to the lowest point of her life. She blamed herself for not caring for her son in the best way she could. She battled within herself and ended up feeling deeply saddened on the inside.

Providing a Listening Ear

Every time she needs a listening ear or someone whom she can turn to for answers, the centre staff will patiently listen to her and try their best to talk her out of the unforgiveness she has towards herself. Through prayers from some of our Fei Yue’s volunteers, she is walking out of the walls that were built around her and is now appreciative of the care and concern that was shown to her by the centre staff and volunteers.

Learning about Social Isolations in Seniors

Having stories like what Mdm. Lim has gone through is no simple task; it takes the staff a lot of effort to understand and help these elderly. If you would like to find out more about the social isolation that these seniors go through,you can check out an article from Healthhub here.

Fei Yue Active Ageing Centres (AAC)

At Fei Yue Active Ageing Centres (AAC), we proactively reach out to seniors, organise social activities and provide opportunities for seniors to interact with members of the community, with the aim of enabling seniors to adopt an active lifestyle, pre-empt social isolation, and refer them to assistance in a timely fashion.

Our objective is to improve the health outcomes of seniors living in the community through the provision of a suite of programmes to help seniors live healthier lives and support their aspirations to age in place.

Read Up more about Fei Yue Active Ageing Centres (AAC) here.

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