Mr. Wong has been a member of Teck Whye SAC for 6 years and is often known to have the habit of complaining and venting out his anger on the staffs on a regular basis. Initially, it was emotionally draining for the staffs to attend to him as his complaints can be unreasonable and unnecessary at times. However, centre staffs continued to attend to him and patiently reasoned issues with him while instilling values like thanksgiving, appreciation and patience unto him. In recent months, centre staffs even tried to encourage him to help out in the centre such as distribute Bingo cards, distribute refreshments and arrange chairs etc. as staffs noticed he enjoys taking initiative and feels confident whenever he feels like he is able to help out.

Mr. Wong also enjoys being praised, and words of encouragements from the staffs help to boost his confidence and his sense of responsibility towards the centre. Staffs gradually noticed a shift in his emotional behavior recently. He is more understanding when it comes to centre rules and operations, and when he gets mad at other elderly, he is able to take a step back when confronted and reasoned.

Mr. Wong appreciates the attention given by centre staffs to talk to him or attend to his needs. He also appreciates having a platform whereby he is able to carry out his hobby of singing as well as showcase his talents. Today, Mr. Wong feels honored whenever staffs tell him that he is Teck Whye SAC’s karaoke representative and enjoys singing to a crowd of 40 other seniors during our monthly birthday party event.

Mr. Wong has also forged some meaningful friendships in the centre. Besides forming a relationship with the centre staffs which encouraged a mutual understanding, he was also able to gain a few close friends in the centre. Whenever he is not in Singapore, he would be able to find help from the other elderlies to buy dinner for his wife who is partially immobile. He also finds joy in chit-chatting with them at the centre in the afternoon. Lately, he can be seen joking and laughing away in the centre and focuses less on shouting the phrase “you are unfair!” to centre staffs.

Mr Wong serenading the crowd with his karaoke performance

— On behalf of Mr Wong

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