Fei Yue Achieves Cyber Essentials Mark Accreditation

Cyber Essentials Certified

We are pleased to announce that Fei Yue has been officially accredited with the Cyber Essentials Mark as of 21 May 2024. This certification, administered by the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore, reflects our unwavering commitment to upholding robust cybersecurity practices. The Cyber Essentials Mark is designed to help organisations prioritise and implement essential cybersecurity measures to protect their systems and operations from prevalent cyber threats.

This accreditation underscores our dedication to maintaining exemplary cyber hygiene. The Cyber Essentials Mark not only recognises our current efforts but also sets a benchmark for our ongoing commitment to cybersecurity. By adhering to the rigorous standards required for this certification, we ensure that our IT infrastructure is fortified against common cyber-attacks, thereby enhancing the security and resilience of our operations.

At Fei Yue, the protection of our clients’ personal data is paramount. This certification reinforces our proactive stance in safeguarding sensitive information against potential data leaks and cyber threats. Our goal is to continually improve our security measures, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of cybersecurity best practices.

Achieving the Cyber Essentials Mark is a significant milestone in our journey towards excellence in cybersecurity. It provides our stakeholders with confidence in our capabilities to manage and secure their data. We are proud of this accomplishment and are committed to upholding these high standards as we move forward.

Thank you to our dedicated team and partners who have worked tirelessly to attain this certification. We will continue to strive for the highest levels of security to protect our clients and uphold their trust in Fei Yue.

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