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Fei Yue Community Services had been appointed by The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) to run the Early Intervention Programme for Infants and Children (EIPIC). This is a programme that provides social, educational and rehabilitative services for children from birth to 6 years old who have been diagnosed to be at risk of having a handicapping condition or special need that will affect his or her development.

Our Services

Initial Screening

Screening is conducted within an hour by a team of professionals, including a Social Worker, Teacher(s) and/or a Therapist. The assessment will focus on the child’s self-help skills, cognitive skills, communication skills, social skills, and fine and gross motor skills, to determine the most suitable placement for the child in the centre.

EIPIC programme

Fei Yue EIPIC is an early intervention programme which uses a combination of Activity Based Intervention and Structured Teaching to assist young children who possess disabilities or are at risk of developing them. It aims to fulfill the potential of each child and minimize the risk of developing secondary disabilities through the use of therapeutic and educational support services for the child and family.

Programme Structure

An Integrated Therapy and Education Plan involving intervention within an activity-based environment – for each child:

  1. Learning goals are developed;
  2. Planned interventions are done to increase the child’s emerging skills; and
  3. Regular evaluations are done by the EIPIC team through Individual Education Plans

Programme covers the domains of:

  • Social-communication skills;
  • Social skills;
  • Cognitive skills;
  • Fine and Gross motor skills; and
  • Adaptive / Self-help skills

Activities use embedded learning opportunities to sequence:

  • Classroom planned activities and child-directed routines;
  • Increase multiple and varied learning opportunities;
  • Create functional and generative goals; and
  • Provide regular feedback to the family
  • Therapy services are provided on a regular basis.

Session Times:

session 1 : 8.30am to 10.30am
session 2 : 12.45pm to 2.45pm
session 3 : 3.15pm to 5.15pm
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. There will be no lessons every Wednesday.

Fee Structure

Screening: $0-$60, depending on the family income

Programme Fee:
$10 to $430 (Singapore Citizen)
$20 to $1270 (Singapore PR)
Range of fee listed excludes GST and subsidies are based on Ministry of Health (MOH) National Means-Testing System (NMTS)

Fei Yue Early Intervention

1. Jurong
Address: Blk 101 Jurong East St 13
Singapore 600101
Tel: 6565 6260
Fax: 6565 7455

2. Wellington Circle
Address: Blk 508 (MSCP) Wellington Circle
Singapore 750508
Tel: 6431 0400
Fax: 6481 8236

3. Upper Thomson
Address: 600 Upper Thomson Road
Upper Thomson Community Hub
Block D, #01-31
Singapore 574421
Tel: 6771 9600
Fax: 6771 9606

Operating Hours:
8am to 5.30pm – Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
9am to 4pm – Wednesdays
Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

For enquiries, please contact:
Ms Katherine Kwan
Email: [email protected]