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What is Advance Care Planning

Advance Care Planning (ACP) is the process in planning for your future health and personal care. Having ACP conversations allows you to:

  • Share your personal values and beliefs
  • Explore how your values and beliefs affect your healthcare preferences in difficult medical situations
  • Think about who among your loved ones can be your voice if you become very ill one day

Why it matters

Share your wishes and values in advance to help your loved ones understand what treatment decisions you prefer in a medical crisis.

If you become unable to speak for yourself one day, your loved ones will have peace of mind when they make healthcare decisions on your behalf.

Who it is for

Advance Care Planning is for everyone, regardless of age or state of health. Though you cannot predict the future, you can prepare for the unexpected by letting your family know what kind of care you would like to receive should you become very ill one day.

How to sign up

Advance Care Planning begins with having an open conversation with your loved ones about your wishes and goals for care.

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