A Life Touched @ Fei Yue Active Ageing Centre

In this article, it shares the life of Mr Tan and how the Fei Yue Active Ageing Centre , through its programmes, help Mr Tan find meaning in his life.

Fei Yue AAC staff connecting with Mr Tan

Why Active Ageing?

For individuals aged 65 and above, they may encounter geriatric depression, a mental and emotional disorder prevalent among older adults. Although the percentage of seniors with depression in Singapore is relatively low at around 5.5%, if left untreated, this condition can significantly affect the quality of life for the elderly and may elevate the risk of suicide.

Struggling with Depression

Active Ageing Centre member, Mr. Tan Mui Huat, suffers from severe depression. He is highly reliant on medication and injections to stabilise his condition. Living alone, he experiences uncontrollable vexation and heightened agitation when he misses his medication. This behaviour leads family members, staff, and volunteers to maintain a distance from him. When well-meaning individuals attempted to visit him at his residence, he responded with fierce glares and occasionally lashed out at them.

Lost in life and a life nearly lost

Mr. Tan felt that life was meaningless and he had no interest in anything. He resorted to public vandalism to vent his frustration and anger, resulting in his arrest. 

He deemed the world as his enemy and no one understood him. The only exception was an employee at Fei Yue who was able to communicate with him. One day, he attempted suicide. Fortunately, he was discovered in time by Fei Yue employees and was rushed to the hospital.

Helping Mr. Lim find meaning in life

Fei Yue staff and volunteers from Fei Yue AAC persistently visited him and regularly passed by his house, ensuring his physical and emotional well-being and stability.

One of Mr. Tan’s neighbours, who is also a member of our Fei Yue AAC, graciously agreed to assist in monitoring Mr. Tan’s well-being and activities. Through communicating with Mr. Tan, we tried to understand his inner struggles and emotional dilemmas. The staff at the centre near his home also made sure that his medications and injections were taken regularly.

Gradually, he became more and more accepting of being in a crowd and participating in the centre’s activities. His speech and mannerism are no longer aggressive. He willingly lends his assistance at the centre, often taking the initiative to help with tasks such as moving objects and cutting fruits. Occasionally,, he would still ask questions regarding the meaning of life and death and things that troubled him.

However, as compared to the past, he is definitely more willing to share and listen to the opinions of others. Thankfully, we also noticed that he now cares for his own mental and emotional wellbeing.

Fei Yue Active Ageing Centres (AAC)

At Fei Yue AAC, we proactively reach out to seniors, organise social activities and provide opportunities for seniors to interact with members of the community, with the aim of enabling seniors to adopt an active lifestyle, pre-empt social isolation, and refer them to assistance in a timely fashion.

Our objective is to improve the health outcomes of seniors living in the community through the provision of a suite of programmes to help seniors live healthier lives and support their aspirations to age in place. Read Up more about Fei Yue Active Ageing Centres (AAC) here.

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