Strategic Thrusts

Fei Yue has established a comprehensive framework encompassing four strategic thrusts to advance our mission and vision. Within this framework, the Senior Management team defines the objectives and establishes long-term, measurable Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for each thrust, while our divisions develop annual initiatives and set measurable KPIs. These plans undergo a thorough review process every six months.

    1. Effective Programmes & Services
        • We utilise data to shape the design of our programmes and services.
        • Our clients are at the heart of our programme and service design, ensuring their needs are met.
    2. Competent & Sustainable Workforce
        • We prioritise the competence of our staff, ensuring they are equipped to excel in their roles.
        • We maintain an adequate number of competent staff to drive and sustain the positive changes we aspire to create.
    3. Good Governance and Effective Processes
        • We uphold efficient and effective work processes to maximise our ability to serve our clients.
        • We adhere rigorously to the code of governance for charitable organisations.
        • Our governance structure is designed for effectiveness, allowing us to achieve our strategic objectives.
    4. Optimised Partnerships
        • We cultivate strategic alliances with community stakeholders to foster collective impact, leveraging our shared efforts for a greater outcome.