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Senior Group Home is an assisted living model that aims to enable seniors aged 60 and above to co-reside independently in designated HDB flats retrofitted with elder-friendly features.

Seniors are encouraged to provide mutual care and support to one another while also having access to a range of social services through Fei Yue’s Care Coordinator. A nominal monthly fee is charged for rent, utilities, service and conservancy charges.

Living Environment

Fei Yue Senior Group Home is located in Hougang and Teck Whye Crescent. Seniors may be allocated to either one-room or two-room HDB rental units. Each one-room rental unit will house 2 to 3 seniors; each two-room unit will house 3 to 4 seniors.

Furnished with modern furniture fittings and equipped with wheelchair friendly facilities, seniors can age-in-place comfortably in a place they can call home.

Our Services

  1. Monitoring and Support Services – To monitor the overall health status and safety of seniors (eg. daily blood pressure monitoring)
  2. Basic Care Coordination Services – To ensure that the seniors’ care needs are adequately addressed (eg. meal delivery, medication/ medical appointment reminders, home maintenance, personal hygiene, social and recreational activities)

Target Clientele

  1. Singapore Citizen, 60 years and above
  2. Moderate ambulatory needs but still able to self care and adapt to group living (for example, needs moderate assistance in his/her mobility functioning, i.e. for transfer from wheelchair to bed, bed to wheelchair)
  3. Eligible for HDB Rental Housing
  4. Certified by a doctor to be fit for communal living
  5. Approval by Agency For Integrated Care (AIC)

(Exceptions may be made on a case-by-case basis)

Fei Yue Senior Group Home
Blk 174 Hougang Avenue 1
Singapore 531174

Fei Yue Senior Group Home
(Teck Whye)
Blk 165A Teck Whye Crescent
Singapore 681165