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Hidden Youth Outreach Services

Hidden Youth Outreach Services (HYOS) is an outreach service that supports youth aged 12 – 25* years old that have been socially withdrawn for a period of at least 6 months to be reintegrated back into society through school, vocational training and employment.

*For individuals over 21, we will accept those whose social withdrawal behaviours began before the age of 21.

Our Services

Outreach to Socially Withdrawn Youth
The HYOS outreach to socially withdrawn youth through these three methods, 1. Home Visits, 2. Gaming Outreach and, 3. Digital Outreach. Through these approaches, youth workers would support them out of social reclusion by developing social skills and connecting them to various services such as Mental Health Interventions.

Casework and Intervention
The programme intervention includes case management services and interest-based activities. Outreach workers work with the youths, to address issues and challenges impacting youth and connect them with various community resources such as Mental Health Services. We aim to equip youths with life skills and socio-emotional skills to help them successfully reintegrate back to society through participation in school, vocational training and/or employment.

Aside from working with the youth, youth workers also provide emotional support to family members and guide them in re-establishing their relationship with their child.

Interest-based Programmes
Through Interest-Based Programmes, youth workers aim to build rapport with the socially withdrawn youth and to develop their identity, self-esteem and life goals.

Information and Referral
For youths who are facing mental health issues and/or in need of any assistance, we will also provide referral services and linkup with the relevant services and/or resources they require.

Our Service Boundaries

The HYOS runs the outreach service throughout Singapore.

Contact Us

For referrals or enquiries, please contact the Programme I/C, Mr. Rauf Redza at [email protected] or 6771 9529. 

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