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Community Case Management Service (CCMS) is a service developed by Ministry of Health (MOH) and funded by the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC).

Community Case Management Service (CCMS) aims to deliver holistic care that is centred on an individual’s needs. It mainly targets seniors that are frail, whom have multiple care needs, that will become increasing complex with time. With the integration of community-based aged and social care services, it enables the seniors to continue to stay in the community for as long as possible, therefore allowing them to age-in-place.

Since 1st  November 2018, Feiyue’s Cluster Support service has been merged with CCMS.

The main aim of CCMS is to prevent or delay institutionalisation of the seniors that has complex care needs. With the seniors that have care needs that becomes complex over time and without long term care services such as CCMS in place, it will eventually result in such clients and their families resorting to acute hospital and long-term institutional care.

The main aim of CCMS shall be achieved through these objectives:

  1. To address the client’s holistic care needs that include medical, function, behavioural and psychosocial needs.
  2. To use evidence-based guidelines in practice to promote and improve clinical outcomes.
  3. To coordinate services and support that are best catered to the client’s needs, that is consistent with the client’s own goals and priorities.
  4. To help the client and caregiver to have access and navigation on the care options and support resources.
  5. To promote appropriate use of community resources.
  6. To advocate in the best interest of the client.
  7. To improve the client’s quality of life and caregiver’s satisfaction.

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