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Adoption Quiz

"Am I ready to adopt?”

Before you decide to adopt a child, it is essential to consider if you are ready to take on the responsibilities and challenges that will come along with it.

Issues to consider before adopting a child

Personal Issues

  • Adoptive parenthood is different from biological parenthood but can be as successful and satisfying for children and adoptive parents
  • Adoption is about providing for a child's individual needs, and cannot be considered as a means of providing company for a lonely spouse, another child in the family, or as a way to solve other problems
  • If you have experienced the grief and loss associated with infertility, it would be advisable to come to terms with these feelings first, and then consider whether seeking to adopt a child is the right answer
Practical Issues
  • The welfare and interests of the child should be upheld in your ultimate decision
  • Not all Home Study Reports will be found favourable upon completion of the Home Study Assessment
  • People in the community sometimes have a limited understanding of adoption and may make insensitive comments about children who have been adopted and adoptive families

To help you assess your readiness in adopting a child, try this quiz!  

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