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How do I become a Volunteer?  

1. Fill in our Online Application Form, or download and fill in THIS FORM, stating clearly your particulars and indicating the
    area(s) of volunteering you would prefer. 

2. Send the form to us through any one of the following means:
      •  Fax: 6819 9171
      •  Post:  Re:  Volunteer Application
                    Fei Yue Family Service Centre
                    20 Lengkok Bahru, Blk B, #03-02
                    Singapore 159053

Do allow us some time to process your application. As our volunteers mainly support us in terms of operational support in our programmes/activities, you will hear from us only when we have a found a ready match based on your time availability, skill set and suitability of the assignment. A further screening will then be arranged.    

Generally, we need you to be at least 18 years of age, and depending on the assignment, certain skills or experiences may be required. 

If you are considering to partner with us for CIP projects, please send us a concise proposal to volunteer@fycs.org stating your time frame, the number of volunteers involved and the specific activity you would like to conduct.  Please provide ample time for us to coordinate as well. To expedite requests, always leave your contact number for us to call you.  Also, it will be good for you read up on what services we provide before you donate your time, skills and experiences to us. 

For institutions or corporations who are keen to volunteer with us, you may also write in to volunteer@fycs.org.  Alternatively, you may call 6819 9177 to find out more about the various volunteering opportunities awaiting you. 

There is NO closing date, our doors are always open to you.

What's in store for you?

When you volunteer, you
• Get to meet other passionate volunteers and social workers
• Widen your social network
• Gain new skills in areas such as communication, leadership, project management, administration etc.
• Increase your awareness of existing societal trends and needs
• Receive satisfaction through helping others

And, as a *volunteer with Fei Yue, you may:
• Attend training sessions catered to volunteers, fully-subsidized by us
• Attend our half-yearly Volunteer Appreciation Dinner and other gatherings
• Receive the MSF Long Service Award for Volunteers
• Receive the Fei Yue Outstanding Volunteer Award

*Note: Benefits for volunteers are subject to approval by Fei Yue Family Service Centre.

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