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Fei Yue Community Services

Charity Status              
IPC Registration No.           : 000200
Effective Date                     : 3 Sept 1999 to present

Charity Registration No.     : 01364
Effective Date                     : From 18/5/1999 to present
(A member of NCSS Central Fund)

Date of Establishment        : 1996
ROS/RCB Registration No.: 148/96WEL
UEN                                    : S96SS0134G

Latest Financial Statement (Please click HERE to download)

Fei Yue Family Service Centre

Charity Status              
IPC Registration NO            : 000276
Effective Date                      : 4 Nov 1995 to present

Charity Registration No       : 01030
Effective Date:                     : From 16/7/1994 to present
(A member of  NCSS Central Fund)

Date of Establishment        : 1993
ROS/RCB Registration No.: 174/1993WEL
UEN                                        : S94SS0031G

Latest Financial Statement (Please click HERE to download)

Information of Contact Person

Name        : Mr Lawrence Kwok
Tel No.      : 65667288
Fax No.     : 65695868

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