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Project 180 (Youth Services) is a youth centre under the umbrella of Fei Yue Community Services, established with the support of South East Community Development Council and the National Youth Council (NYC) in 2003. The name “Project 180” represents our mission of life transformation. We hope that through our service, youths and families will be able to experience a 180-degree change in their lives.

Our team comprises trained Social Workers, Counsellors and Youth Workers to provide professional help to youths and families through a variety of programmes and activities.

Our Services

The Guidance Programme

The Guidance Programme is a 6-month programme for first-time offenders of petty crimes. Parties involved include the Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF), the Police, the Attorney General Chambers and Social Service Agencies like Project 180. The Guidance Programme at Project 180 comprises of the components of individual and family counselling, group activities and camps. The Guidance Programme aims to steer juveniles away from crime and strengthen their resolve against re-offending.

eCounselling Centre

eCounselling Centre, also known as eC2, is an online facility offering free counselling to youths. Please visit www.ec2.sg or www.egen.sg for more information.


Our team also conducts programmes for youths aged 12-19 to help them build social and emotional competencies. In order to improve the learning outcomes for the youths, these programmes are designed specifically based on theories and research.

Some programmes include:

 - New Media Education
   #badmove – addresses cyberbullying and privacy issues
   GTG – addresses Internet over-reliance

 - In-Touch with Emotions
   In-Touch with Anger & Managing Conflicts
    In-Touch with Stress 

 - Time-Out Programme
   Time Out (For Arts)
   Time Out (For a Run)

 - Amazing Career Race 
   Students get to gain motivation in learning through discovering more about their career pathways

 - Get BETTER Series
   (Becoming Effective Teens Through Empowering Resources)
   BETTER @ Social Skills and Etiquette
   BETTER @ Working in Groups
   BETTER @ Assertiveness

        Project 180
        Blk 145 Simei St 2
        Singapore 520145

        Operating Hours: 

        Monday to Friday,
        9.30am - 6.00pm 
        (Extended hours till 
        8.30pm on Tuesdays)

        For enquiries, please
        contact us at:
        Tel: 6422 1599 ext 599
        Fax: 6787 9943

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