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At Fei Yue, our mission is to effect life transformation through the provision of quality social services. We believe that through teamwork, we can deliver credible and meaningful social services. Ultimately, we wish to extend our hands to those who need us, whether they are children, youths, adults or the elderly. Therefore, your help as a volunteer is precious. You may be young or old, male or female – it does not matter. What matters most is your passion and commitment to help those in need.

Volunteering Opportunities

Helping the Elderly

Due to the ageing population in Singapore, there is an increasing number of elderly who need care and concern. To help the elderly to remain active and healthy, you can help in these ways:

• Administration
• Assisting with Breakfast/Teabreak Preparations
• Befriend the elderly and take part in home visits
• Participating in Activities with elderly including leading them in exercise
• Outings

Time: Flexible hours during weekdays (9am-6pm)
More details on specific opportunities can be found here

Ad-hoc / Admin / Communications Areas

In order for us to be able to run various programmes successfully, effective and efficient back-office operations are essential. If you are comfortable with the basic office software and functions, and are meticulous and organized, you may wish to volunteer by helping us in areas such as:

• Mass mailing / Data entry / IT Support
• Brochure designing
• Prepare lesson materials
• Packing food rations
• Other administrative duties like filing, sorting data/records, proofreading

Time: Flexible hours during weekdays (9.30am-6pm)

Family Support

Are you keen to make a difference in the lives of transnational families?  
If you have a good command of languages, you can help in the following ways:

• Assist in translation when communicating with non-English/Chinese-speaking clients 
  (Bahasa, Vietnamese or Thai language)

Time: Ad-hoc, 2-4 times a month


 If you are confident of your academic ability and love to work with children, you may share your knowledge with others by tutoring students. We aim to help students from low-income families cope with their studies at our Student Care Centres. These services are also extended to children served through our 4 FSCs:

• Supervise & coach students with their studies
• Organise school holiday programmes where necessary

Time: Afternoons or evenings during weekdays

Leading Children

For those who have a heart for children, what is more thrilling than surrounding yourself with their laughter and innocence? You can bring joy to their childhood and assist in enhancing the children’s personal and social development by supporting us in these ways:

• Organising fun-filled activities such as handicraft, games, songs, story-telling 
• Be role models for children
• Facilitate children's programmes

Time: Adhoc; periodic, usually during the school holidays

Guiding Youth

Do you enjoy working with youths?  Would you like to share your experiences with their young minds? If so, you can help by being a role model and inspiring youths in need of guidance. Our Youth Programmes can provide you with ample opportunities to:

• Facilitate groupwork sessions for youths and their families
• Online youth counselling (Basic counselling qualifications required)

To apply, please scroll to the next page to fill up the application form and we will be in touch with you. 

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