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Fei Yue Community Services has grown its reach to provide community mental health services since April 2017 to support individuals who may be at-risk of developing mental health conditions or diagnosed with mental illness. Fei Yue Community Services is the only agency in Singapore to run a suite of community-based mental health programmes (IRENE, CREST and COMIT), providing a holistic range of activities to aid in the prevention of mental illness, community support and intervention respectively, so as to ensure there is continuity of care for persons who are at-risk of or diagnosed with mental illness in the community.

With the increasing prevalence of mental disorder, Fei Yue Community Mental Health aims to provide holistic services focused on improving the quality of life for individuals with mental health conditions and their caregivers in the community.

Programmes and Services 

IRENE (Integrated Resource Network)

Fei Yue Community Services has one IRENE team that organises centre activities to keep seniors physically active, cognitively stimulated and create opportunities for them to socialise with one another to prevent them for getting dementia and depression.

Email: irene@fycs.org
Tel: 6769 6981

CREST (Community Resource Engagement and Support Team)

We also have three CREST teams to provide clients, who are at-risk or diagnosed with mental illness, and their caregivers with basic emotional support and monitoring of their mental health condition through home visits.

Email: crest@fycs.org
Tel: 6471 2022

COMIT (COMmunity Intervention Team)

The COMmunity Intervention Team (COMIT) is embedded in the community to provide holistic services for clients with mental health needs and their caregivers so that they can live and age well at home and in the community. It is an allied health-led team which provides psycho-social therapeutic intervention for clients with mental health needs and supports their caregivers in coping with caregiving for the loved ones.

Email: comit@fycs.org
Tel: 6661 9488

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