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 Home Personal Care

• Personal care tasks:

− Bathing and/or assisted bathing for Clients who are too ill to take a bath in the bathroom, or for bedridden or handicapped Clients.
− Changing of clothes, undergarments, continence aids and any soiled sheets.
− Brushing of teeth and cleaning of dentures.
− Toileting and other elimination needs.
− Cleaning skin around the urinary catheter and draining bags.
− Simple hair trimming by staff who are trained in doing so.

• Assistance with activities of daily living (“ADLs”) and instrumental activities of daily living (“IADLs”):

− Lifting, transferring and positioning of Client.
− Assisting with oral and/or nasogastric tube (“NGT”) feeding.
− Assisting in light housekeeping and laundry if the Client/Client’s caregiver is unable to do so due to physical or cognitive disability.
− Simple errands such as grocery shopping etc.

• Mind stimulating activities:

− Memory, logic card games, spatial orientation block games, mental processing games, Sudoku for Clients with no to mild cognitive impairment.
− Card matching games, spatial orientation block games, mental processing games for Clients with mild dementia
− Visual recognition card games, card matching games for Clients with moderate dementia.

• Elder-sitting and respite, include companionship, and any other recreational and leisure activities with the home setting which are part of the Client’s interests.
• Assistance with medication.
• Performing simple maintenance exercises as prescribed by a registered physiotherapist or occupational therapist.

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