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Marriage Dance

Marriage Dance is a therapeutic group for married couples who are experiencing marital problems.
The group aims to address common challenges faced by couples and improve their marital relationships.
The group provides support through in-depth sharing of experiences as well as equipping and empowering couples to resolve past grievances and work towards marital renewal and a greater level of intimacy and commitment to the marriage.
This programme will be conducted in English.
  • English-speaking
  • Marital issues
  • Preferably ongoing marital issues as camp is therapeutic
  • Married status
  • No mental health (with the exception of mild depression)
  • No suicidal risk
  • No ongoing violence (with the exception of past violence)
  • Couples with children are highly encouraged to make arrangement for child-care. If no child-care arrangement can be made, child(ren) need(s) to be 4yo and above
Indemnity Form
For couples signing up, kindly fill up the indemnity form for adults
For couples & child(ren) signing up, kindly fill up the indemnity form for adults & child(ren)
Registration opens on 8 Feb 2017 (Wed).
Pleaseonly send in the fees after we get back to you on your confirmation in Marriage Dance.


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Marriage Dance brochure.
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