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 Volunteer Application Form
Date of Application:
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Personal Particulars
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Commitment Period and Availability
Please indicate commitment period: *
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Volunteering Experience
Do you have any previous volunteering experience?: *
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If yes, please state where and how long:
Have you applied to be Fei Yue's volunteer before?: *
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Other Information
Have you ever suffered from any physical or mental illnesses?: *
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If you answered 'Yes' in the previous question, please state:
Have you ever received counseling services at Fei Yue before?
Note: If yes, you will be accepted as a volunteer only if your case has been closed for at least 2 years: *
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Have you ever been declared bankrupt?: *
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Have you ever been charged or convicted in a court of law in any country?: *
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Volunteer Declaration:
I have read and agree to the declaration regarding volunteering work at Fei Yue.
Click Here for Volunteer Declaration
I allow Fei Yue to publish my name, as well as photographs and videos taken of me during Fei Yue events for the purpose of internal and external publicity. : *
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I declare that all information provided in this form is accurate and correct.: *
- Personal information collected from volunteers will be retained for a period of 3 years after the volunteer's resignation and discarded thereafter.
- Fei Yue is committed to protecting the personal data of its clients and volunteers in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2012. Our Data Protection Policy is available on this website under About Us > Data Protection Policy.
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