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Thang, L. L., Cheah, K. J., & Yow Lin, A. (2015). Psychological Well-Being of Care Providers in Singapore


The research sought to study the well-being, psychological empowerment, and structural empowerment of formal care providers in the Eldercare and Disability Sectors. This study also sought to see how these factors compare across the Eldercare and Disability sectors and various service types. The research employed both quantitative and qualitative methods. Besides a survey conducted among 360 formal care providers, several focus group discussions were also conducted to gather a holistic view on the care provider’s challenges at work, job stressors, job satisfaction and factors that contribute to their intent to leave. The main stressors were difficult patients and patients’ families, organizational constrains such as lack of manpower, pressure from external bodies, and interpersonal factors like communication barrier. Both positive and negative strategies were employed by these caregivers to cope with the stress. The factors associated with job satisfaction and job dissatisfaction were also probed.

This study was co-funded by the National Council of Social Service and the Singapore TOTE Board.

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