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Lim, E. (2010). Profiling Juvenile Delinquents: a Qualitative Study


The purpose of the study was to investigate the risk factors of juvenile delinquency in Singapore and to profile the delinquent youths from the Guidance Programme (GP). A total of 34 youths from GP participated in the current study. One-to-one interviews were conducted and the level of impulsivity was measured using Barratt Impulsivity Scale (BIS-11). Correlation analyses were conducted to seek any relationship between impulsivity and the youths’ demographics. There were moderate significant correlations between parents’ working status, maternal employment status and impulsivity which could lead to delinquency. The time spent together depended on the amount of time parents spent working. However, together with time spent together, the quality of the parent- youth communication also appears to affect their relationship. Parental influence was found to be an influential risk factor for juvenile delinquency. Likewise, peer influence was the most influential risk factor among the youths and all of them had direct or indirect contact with gangs. 

This study was funded by the National Youth Council.

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