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Yeo, S. (2007). The Pervasiveness of Cyberwellness in Singaporean Youths.


The aims of the research were to ascertain current cyber trends and evaluate the pervasiveness of ‘Cyber Wellness’ values in local youths. A total of 1218 Secondary 1 to 3 students participated in the survey, and another 16 participated in two focus groups. Results show that youths perceived the Internet more as a source of entertainment and avenue for leisure, with a preference for concrete social interactions in real life. However, there were indications that they struggled to exercise discipline over time spent online. Most youths perceived that that their parents rarely monitored their online activities, and when parents did so, it was through the conventional methods of supervision. When meeting with people whom they first got to know online, youths often went alone or were occasionally accompanied by a couple of personal friends. Further investigation revealed a sequence of precautions taken by youths toward such meetings. Finally, the findings also affirm that the majority of youths would not pay to download files off the Internet, with the majority of youths rarely reporting illegal information or websites due to either a detached attitude or fear of parental misunderstandings. Mixed responses also pointed out that youths were not clear about what constituted illegal or legal online activities and sites. Lastly, results showed that the majority of youths do not use the Internet as a tool for promoting positive causes in the society.

This study was funded by the National Youth Council.

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