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Yow Lin, A. (2006). Sexual Involvement in Youths: Needs and Factors


This survey research done among 1383 secondary school students in Singapore investigated protective and vulnerability factors relating to youths’ ability to resist or consent to sex, the perception of adult figures in relation to intimate issues such as sex and dating, as well as the perceptions youths hold towards sexuality education programs. Results show that youths generally perceived themselves to be resistant to sexual invitations. Most had not spoken to adult figures regarding intimate issues, and only a small portion of the youths felt comfortable discussing intimate issues with parents and other adult figures. With regards to sexuality education programs, majority of the youths agreed that such programs are important but would not look for them on their own initiative. Youths generally preferred to have external organizations such as Family Service Centre run these programs within school curriculum time. 

This study was funded by the National Youth Council. It was presented at the 2nd International Congress on Education in Love, Sex, and Life 2007 in Manila, Philippines.

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