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Thang, L. L., Lim W. L., & Yeo, S. (2006). Intergenerational Relations and Attitudes in Singapore.


This study examines intergenerational relations and attitudes within the family and in the society at large. It explores a myriad of issues including grandchildren-grandparent relationships, parent-grandparent relationships, living arrangement, family activities, youth and older adults’ perception of each other, and the benefits of intergenerational programmes. A total of 566 grandchildren (10 – 25 years old), 280 parents (25 – 55 years old), and 241 grandparents (54 – 87 years old) took part in the survey. Focus group discussions and interviews were also conducted with parents and grandparents. For grandchildren, although younger grandchildren reported better relationships with their grandparents compared to older grandchildren, a history of caregiving by grandparents, good relationships between parents and grandparents, and between grandchildren and their parents, as well as living nearer to grandparents predict better grandparent-grandchildren relationship. From the grandparent’s point of view, having a shared value system with their grandchildren and having good relationships with their adult children (i.e., the link parents)help to strengthen their relationships with grandchildren. Other findings include participants’ views on parent-grandparent relationships, grandparenting roles, care arrangement for grandparents, intergenerational programmes and their effects on intergenerational bonding, and youths and elderly’s perceptions of each other.  

This study was funded by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. It was presented at the International Consortium for Intergenerational Programmes Conference 2006 in Melbourne, Australia, and a conference on aging in October 2011 in Melbourne, Australia.

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