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Research@FY: Where Research is Fun

Who we are and what we do

We are Fei Yue Community Service’s research arm. Our humble beginnings started in 2001
when Fei Yue embarked on a journey to develop its research capability in response to the call for
evidence-based practices in the social service sector. With generous support from key industry
players like the Ministry of Social and Family Development, the National Council of Social Service,
the National Youth Council and the Singapore TOTE Board, we have conducted several major
research studies, spanning across issues like ageing, intergenerational bonding, youth sexuality,
delinquency, and family life. We also support the organisation in programme development and
evaluations, as well as community needs assessment.

What makes us special?

Full-time research team
Research@FY is made up of a team of passionate people devoted to full-time research work.
We believe that research can be fun and meaningful. Most importantly, we firmly believe in
the importance of applying research to improve the quality and effectiveness of social services.

Connected to the Ground
At Research@FY, we work seamlessly with our frontline colleagues such as social workers,
counsellors, therapists and youth workers to keep ourselves connected to the ground. Through
our work, we also get opportunities to meet people from all walks of life. These ensure that our
research studies are responsive to social issues and relevant to the needs of our service users.

Vibrant Research Culture

Research@FY is also a critical agent of change within Fei Yue. Over the years, our research
and evaluations have been instrumental in the development of evidence-based practices in
Fei Yue. Furthermore, through regular trainings, research sharing sessions, and information
dissemination, we have been actively transforming Fei Yue into a research-oriented organisation.
We are committed to improve our research capability so that we can continue to deliver quality
services that are well informed by rigorous research.

Our Research Studies 
(Click on the title to see its abstract)

Thang, L. L., Lim W. L., & Yeo, S. (2006). Intergenerational Relations and Attitudes in Singapore.

Yow Lin, A. (2006). Sexual Involvement in Youths: Needs and Factors.

Yeo, S. (2007). The Pervasiveness of Cyberwellness in Singaporean Youths.

Lim, E. (2010). Profiling Juvenile Delinquents: a Qualitative Study.

Ngo, M. (2012). Cyber Counselling in Singapore.

Thang, L. L., & Lim, E. (2012). Seniors Living Alone in Singapore.

Cai, Y. H., & Fernandez, A. R. (2013). Impact of Early Intervention on Child and Family Outcome. Fei Yue Community Services.

Thang, L. L., Cheah, K. J., & Yow Lin, A. (2015). Psychological Well-Being of Care Providers in Singapore.

We have also conducted programme evaluations and community needs assessment.
Contact us to find out more.

For queries, contact us at: 

Tel: 67742669 / 67746835 /
Email: limweiloong@fycs.org
           or emilylim@fycs.org

Our research findings are shared
with our partners, members of
the public, and other Voluntary
Welfare Organisations on various
occasions so that more people can
benefit from these research efforts.
We are open to partnering and
collaborating with other agencies
to share, learn and grow together
in social service research.

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