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Community Outreach Activities

Keat Hong Bursary Award Presentation Ceremony (15 April 2016)

We were glad to be a part of the Keat Hong Bursary Award Presentation Ceremony
and to introduce Fei Yue's services and programmes to 400 students and parents! 

Movie Screening (19 March 2016)

A movie screening was organised at the rental block to raise awareness
of Fei Yue’s services, and 200 residents enjoyed learning character values
through the movie while munching on movie snacks!

Storytelling & Craft (18 March 2016)

Once a month on a Friday, 30-35 children learn about different countries around the world
through stories shared. Our Minister for Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, joined the event
organised by Fei Yue together with CCK RC Zone 1 & CEFC!

Movie Screening cum Caregiving Talk (14 March 2016)

Children enjoyed learning about character values of perseverance through the movie
How To Train A Dragon 2, while 16 parents learnt skills of communication
& how to take care of infants, children and seniors through a talk by I Care Life.

Movie Screening cum Parenting Talk (11 March 2016)

Rio 2 was screened for the children to learn positive values,
while 13 parents attended a talk on effective parenting by Jim Lim. 

Fei Yue Art-A-Bond Family Day (5 March 2016)

38 families came together to make art pieces on canvas, creating a community piece
symbolising community integration! MP Mr David Ong was there to grace the event!

SIA 5Cs Cabin Crew Food Distribution (28 February 2016)

Partnering with the CCK Care & Share Initiative Project Team, SIA 5Cs Cabin Crew
distributed food bundles to 252 needy families from CCK RC Zone 2.
Our Minister of Health, Mr Gan Kim Yong, was there to grace the event!

SIA 5Cs Cabin Crew Batik Painting Outing (23 February 2016)

14 children beneficiaries learnt Batik Painting together with the SIA 5Cs Cabin Crew,
expressing themselves through their colours of choice!

SIA 5Cs Cabin Crew DIY Cupcake Making Outing (21 February 2016)

Thank you SIA 5Cs Cabin Crew for organising a cupcake-making workshop
for 20 children from needy families, & teaching them the importance of teamwork!

Lian Hua Primary School Gives Back to Community (10 February 2016)

We would like to thank the Primary 5 students from Lian Hua Primary School for packing
Chinese New Year food hampers and making personalised greeting cards
for 40 households at Bukit Batok!

Our Learning Journey (3-31 January 2016)

6 families from Choa Chu Kang constituency were blessed by this programme.
Parents learnt baking skills while their children were taught
positive values such as kindness & enthusiasm!

Lunar New Year Hong Bao for Senior Citizens (31 January 2016)

DPM Tharman Shanmugaratnam graced the event, where 400 senior citizens
from RC Zone B were blessed with angpows, vouchers and food rations!

Movie Screening & Parenting Talk (20 January 2016)

56 children watched the movie Hotel Transylvania 2, while 33 adults attended a parenting talk
by Health Promotion Board and learnt techniques of inculcating good habits in children!

BCA Food Distribution (12 January 2016)

We’d like to thank Building and Construction Authority Singapore for their kindness
in blessing 170 needy families with food items! 

IRCC Cares: De-clutter to Bless (25 December 2015)

IRCC Admiralty, Fei Yue and stakeholders organised a free flea market for low-income families,
& 120 beneficiaries attended! MP Mr Vikram Nair was also there to grace the event.

My Superhero! (15-16 December 2015)

Through coding activities and visiting Salesforce Singapore, 18 children beneficiaries
from the My Superhero Programme learnt about different career opportunities
that could inspire them to dream & achieve their aspirations!

Anti Family Violence Workshop (13 December 2015)

To raise awareness of family violence, MSF partnered Fei Yue
to conduct a workshop for Keat Hong RC leaders & members.

Project Gift of Love (12 December 2015)

Thank you New Creation Church for collaborating with all 4 Family Service Centres
from Fei Yue to bless a total of 420 families with hampers & vouchers during the Christmas season!

Movie Screening cum Parenting Talk (9 December 2015)

Children enjoyed a time of learning from Kungfu Panda 2 while their parents learnt from
Health Promotion Board about how modelling good habits is important.
Thank you South West CDC for sponsoring this event to bless our beneficiaries!

Christmas with Food From The Heart & Concorde Hotel (9 December 2015)

42 beneficiaries were blessed at a Christmas celebration with fun games,
presents and food. Thank you Food From The Heart & Concorde Hotel Singapore
for your kindness during this season of giving!

Movie Screening cum Parenting Talk (4 December 2015)

28 children from the rental block and Student Care Centre enjoyed a time of learning positive values
from Kungfu Panda 2, while 52 parents attended a 6A’s Parenting Talk & Nutrition Talk
conducted by Health Promotion Board!

"Stay Calm & Keep Safe" Self Defence Workshop (2 December 2015)

In response to the trend of police cases in Choa Chu Kang, Fei Yue collaborated
with RC Zone 7 & the Police to conduct a theoretical & practical self-defence workshop for residents,
& the Police sponsored personal alarms for all participants. 

Villa Verde Finding Dino Event (28 November 2015)

70 Fei Yue beneficiaries enjoyed a time of family bonding through
dinosaur activities along with MP Mr Lawrence Wong!

Warren Charity Event (21 November 2015)

Thank you Warren Condo Neighbourhood Committee & volunteers for collaborating
with Fei Yueto bless 13 low-income families! 25 adults attended 2 workshops
by Health Promotion Board on Positive Role Modelling & Nutrition,
& 15 children enjoyed a Balloon Sculpting Party.

"Let Your Dreams Take Flight!" (14-15 November 2015)

18 NIE teachers held a plane-building workshop for 21 children from the rental block
to validate their aspirations. The children's planes were then showcased at the library,
and the children were able to teach other children from the public to make planes as well! 

Movie Screening (14 November 2015)

To raise awareness of Fei Yue’s services to residents at Choa Chu Kang, a movie
 screening was conducted for 200 residents, and Mr Gan Kim Yong graced the event!

Yew Tee Bursary Award (14 November 2015)

At the Bursary Award ceremony, we were able to reach out
to 100 attendees to inform them of Fei Yue’s services!

Sports Hub Fun (14 November 2015)

YEC Admiralty and Woodgrove Secondary 3 students planned a fun-filled day
for 13 children from low-income families at the Sports Hub!

"Let the Race Begin!" Science Carnival (8 November 2015)

Our beneficiaries attended a science carnival, where 93 children learnt
interesting science concepts through building their own cars,
while 40 parents learnt helpful parenting skills!

Yew Tee Residences Project Sunshine (7 November 2015)

Thank you Yew Tee Residences for treating our beneficiaries to a movie, & for
blessing them with everyday food items & toiletries through Project Sunshine!

Parenting Talk & Family Outing (1 November 2015)

Parents attended a family bonding and coping skills talk, providing them
cheaper alternatives for family outings and changing their perspective of coping with stress.
67 parents & children were then treated to an outing at Universal Studios Singapore.

Movie Screening & Parenting Talk (30 October 2015)

A parenting talk "I See I Do" was conducted for parents by Health Promotion Board
about how to be good role models for their children, while the children
attended a movie screening. 92 beneficiaries were blessed at the event!

Career Fair & Flea Market (3 October 2015)

250 residents explored job and training opportunities, and low-income families
were able to purchase items from the flea market at lower costs.

Fu Yu Corporation Food Distribution (22 September 2015)

Thank you Fu Yu Corporation for blessing 200 low-income families
staying at rental flats at Bukit Batok with food bundles! 

Yew Tee YEC Mooncake Making (19 September 2015)

11 children from underprivileged families enjoyed a time of mooncake making
organised by Yew Tee YEC to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival!

SGX Outing to Gardens by the Bay (10 September 2015)

Thank you Singapore Exchange for treating 51 children from underprivileged families
to an enjoyable day at Gardens by the Bay together with your wonderful staff! 

Movie Screening & HPB Nutrition Talk (9 September 2015)

We had a movie screening for children and a hands-on Health Promotion Board
Nutrition Talk for adults that taught them to create nutritious meals on a low budget.
186 beneficiaries attended and enjoyed themselves at the event during the school holidays! 

ARC Science Enrichment Lessons (August to September 2015)

20 children from underprivileged families unable to afford tuition classes
attended a Science Enrichment Programme, learning key science concepts
through experiments for 6 weeks!

Women Confidence Renewal Class (August to October 2015)

We began a 7-week Women Confidence Renewal Class to equip women that desire to
restart their career after a long time-out. Through workshops & equipping of soft skills, 
these 16 women can to move ahead in life and work!

STEP Oiltools CSR Outing (22 August 2015)

Thank you Step Oiltools for bringing 25 beneficiaries to the Alive Museum
& for treating them to a 5-course meal at Manhattan Fish Market,
giving them a great time of family bonding!

STAR Programme Storytelling & Craft (21 August 2015)

31 low-income children & their families enjoyed a time of storytelling & craft at our
STAR programme, learning positive reading habits through the fun interactive activities!

BCA Food Distribution (22 July 2015)

Thank you Building & Construction Authority for collaborating with The Food Bank Singapore
& Fei Yue to bless 300 families from the rental blocks with food bundles!

Harmonious Living @ Northvale (12 July 2015)

To encourage family bonding & create awareness of Fei Yue's services
among 150 residents, a Harmonious Living dialogue session was held
at Northvale Condominium with Mr Zaqy Mohamad as the Guest of Honour!

Yew Tee Day (12 July 2015)

We partnered Yew Tee GRO to collect a cup of rice from each household to be distributed
to the needy residents in the neighbourhood on 12 July! Thank you volunteers and donors 
for your kind contributions, and MP Mr Alex Yam for gracing the event!

NUS U-Town Tour (11 July 2015)

We are thankful to students from NUS Kent Ridge Hall for bringing our beneficiaries
on a tour of U-town, explaining the different faculties & jobs upon graduation and
engaging the children in a time of games!

ING Distribution of Toiletries (11 July 2015)

A big thank you to ING, who sponsored & distributed bags of toiletries to 338 rental units!

Outing with Barclays Interns (10 July 2015)

Thanks to the wonderful Barclays interns, 18 Fei Yue beneficiaries were able to learn 
various diving hand signals & apply what they had learnt at the SEA Aquarium,
where they interacted with the divers!

My Superhero (27-28 June 2015)

In partnership with UN Women and Yew Mei Green Condominium, 16 children from
low-income families were given the opportunity to meet professionals & be inspired
to aspire towards greater dreams. Minister Gan Kim Yong graced the My Superhero event,
& families pledged to support their children in fulfilling their career dreams.

Movie Screening (27 June 2015)

CCK RC Zone 1 & Fei Yue collaborated to organize a Movie Screening
to create awareness among residents of Fei Yue's services.
Residents enjoyed a buffet dinner, goodies & took part in a lucky draw!

SGX-Maybank Sandcastle Outing (24 June 2015)

We would like to thank Singapore Exchange and Maybank Singapore for
engaging & joining our children beneficiaries in a fun time of sandcastle building,
where they learnt values of teamwork and perseverance!

Dumpling Festival Block Party (20 June 2015)

We woud like to thank Innova Junior College & Northwest CDC for organizing a
Dumpling Festival Block Party at Champions Way for 150 low-income residents,
with games, stage shows & prizes!

Franklin Offshore Outing  (17 June 2015)

Thank you Franklin Offshore for blessing 30 beneficiaries from Bukit Batok
with a balloon sculpture workshop & a visit to the Reflections at Bukit Chandu museum!

Fei Yue Yew Tee Job Bazaar (13 June 2015)

The Fei Yue Job Bazaar at Yew Tee was graced by Mr Low Peng Kit,
and various vendors & social enterprises offered jobs, training opportunities
& helpful services to residents living around the rental blocks!

Fei Yue Bukit Batok Job Bazaar (6 June 2015)

  319 residents attended the Fei Yue Job Bazaar at Bukit Batok, 
which featured 12 vendors who brought job & training opportunities
for the residents staying around the rental block!

 Our Learning Journey Finale (6 June 2015)

 To end off the Our Learning Journey programme, 6 families of mothers & children
reflected on what they had learnt through the programme & made appreciation cards.
We would like to thank Minister Gan Kim Yong for gracing the event
& presenting gifts to the families!  

 Yew Tee Movie Screening (2 June 2015)

 134 low-income residents were blessed with books, dim sum &
 a movie screening of the local production Homerun, 
encouraging them to mutually support & help each other in the community!

 Champions Way Movie Screening (6 June 2015)

49 low-income beneficiaries attended a movie screening at Champions Way, 
where they received books from Singapore American School,
food items from Innova Primary School & school shoes from Fei Yue! 

LittleBIG Community Outreach Event (30 May 2015)

20 low-income families were blessed by performances & food items from the
littleBIG Community Outreach Event organized by Yew Tee Primary School,  
and we are grateful to Mr Lim Tai Sun for gracing the event as well. 

 Choa Chu Kang Student Care Centre Movie Screening (29 May 2015)

To raise awareness for our services and upcoming Values in Action programme,
clients from our Student Care Centre were treated to bread & a movie screening!

Bukit Batok East Zone 3 Book Reading Programme Launch (25 April 2015)

The Book Reading Programme was launched for Bukit Batok East Zone 3, and the children
were given goodie bags containing books by Mdm Halimah Yacob, who graced the occasion.

 Food Distribution by NBC Universal (24 April 2015)

Thank you NBC Universal for your willing hands and hearts in distributing
100 bags of food items to needy families at Bukit Batok!

 People's Association Movie Screening (22 April 2015)

12 beneficiaries from Champions Way were treated to the movie premiere of Avengers 2
thanks to People's Association, & they had an enjoyable time!

 Yew Tee Bursary Award (18 April 2015)

700 residents gained awareness of available counselling services at Fei Yue through
attending the Yew Tee Bursary Award, which was graced by MP Mr Alex Yam!


For enquiries on community
outreach collaborations,
please contact:
Ms Jaslyn Lim
Email: jaslynlim@fycs.org

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