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Our Seniors Activity Centres target vulnerable seniors residing in 1 or 2-room rental units at Bukit Batok (Block 109 and 210A), 1-room rental units at Holland (from Block 1 Holland Close), 2-room rental units (from Blocks 103, 104, 106 and 107 of Commonwealth Crescent), Block 9 at Teck Whye Lane, and Blk 174A, B, C and D at Hougang. The programmes and services provided aim to improve their quality of life and to prevent social isolation. 


1. To improve the quality of life of seniors in the low-income group
2. To prevent the social isolation of poor and vulnerable seniors in identified HDB rental flat
3. To pro-actively conduct outreach to seniors in the identified service cluster, especially those 
    who are vulnerable and socially isolated, to ensure their wellbeing.

Seniors Activity Centre

Our Services

The focus of our selection, implementation and development of activities is on three main aspects: the physical, mental and social well-being of the seniors. The services we provide are as follows:

1. Information and Referral
2. Daily activities such as morning exercise, interactive games and free breakfast
3. Special programmes such as outings, singing class, computer class, free haircuts, block
    party, birthday celebrations, tea gatherings etc.

Our Facilities

1. Health & Fitness Corner
2. TV / Video / Singing Corner
3. Reading / Writing Corner
4. Hobbies / Craft Corner
5. Training / Seminar Rooms

Charges:  Free-of-charge (For residents of the above-mentioned blocks)
                    There may be levy charges for certain activities for cost recovery purposes

        Senior Activity Centre 
        (Bukit Batok)

        Blk 183 Bukit Batok West Ave 8

        Singapore 650183 
        Blk 210A Bukit Batok St 21
        Singapore 651210
        Tel: 6563 3662 Fax: 6563 3637
        Operating Hours: 
        Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm
        For enquiries, please contact 
        Ms Ng Ling Yin
        Tel: 6561 4404 
        Email: nglingyin@fycs.org

        Senior Activity Centre 
        (Holland Close)

        Blk 1 Holland Close
        Singapore 271001        

        Blk 107 Commonwealth Crescent 
        Singapore 140107
        Tel: 6471 2022  Fax: 6471 0012
        Operating Hours: 
        Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

        For enquiries, please contact 
        Ms Amy Tang
        Tel: 6774 4044 
        Email: amytang@fycs.org

        Senior Activity Centre 

        Blk 174A Hougang Ave 1
        Singapore 533174        
        Operating Hours: 

        Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm
        For enquiries, please contact 
        Ms Allyson Liu
        Tel: 6774 4044 
        Email: allysonliu@fycs.org

Senior Activity Centre 
        (Teck Whye)

        Blk 9 Teck Whye Lane
        Singapore 680009

        Operating Hours: 
        Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

        For enquiries, please contact
        Mr David Koh
        Tel: 6893 6606 
        Email: davidkoh@fycs.org  

        Senior Activity Centre 

        Blk 634B Senja Road

        Singapore 672634

        Operating Hours: 
        Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

        For enquiries, please contact 
        Ms Yeo Meow Hoong
        Tel: 6351 9555
        Email: yeomeowhoong@fycs.org  

        Senior Activity Centre 
        (Buangkok Green)

        Blk 582A Buangkok Green

        Singapore 531582


        Operating Hours: 
        Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm

        For enquiries, please contact 
        Ms Regina Tan
        Tel: 6914 2166
        Email: reginatan@fycs.org  

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