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Fei Yue Community Services

Board of Management

President                             Mr. John Ang 
Vice President                     Mr. Tan Hoon Chiang
Honourary Secretary           Mr. Yek Nai Hui Roger
Honourary Treasurer           Mr. Lee See Kwang
Committee Member             Dr. Thang Leng Leng
Committee Member             Mr. Pan Chuan-Chih George
Committee Member             Mr. Bernie Poh

Senior Management Team

Executive Director              Mr. Leng Chin Fai
Director                               Ms. Lynn Lim Lay Muay 
Director                               Mr. Arthur Ling Koon Hwai
Senior Assistant Director    Ms. Aw Lay Hoon
Assistant Director               Ms. Iris Lin

Fei Yue Family Service Centre

Board of Management

President                          Dr. Thang Leng Leng 
Vice President                  Mrs. Seah Kheng Yeow
Honourary Secretary        Ms. Lie Chin Chin
Honourary Treasurer        Mr. Ng Beow Hock
Committee Member          Mr. John Ang
Committee Member          Mr. Chong Shaw Cheng David
Committee Member          Mr. Pan Chuan-Chih George

Senior Management Team

Executive Director           Mr. Leng Chin Fai
Director                            Ms. Lynn Lim Lay Muay 
Director                            Mr. Arthur Ling Koon Hwai
Centre Head                    Ms. Cheng Wen Shan

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