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 Client Feedback_Sept 2015

Early Intervention Centre for Children

"I'm truly satisfied by the commitment and effort by the teachers given to my child. Congrats on the good job and thank you."

"Thank you teacher Yee Lin for your efforts. I can see the improvement of my child this year. Teacher Val, thank you for your support too."

"Teacher Shubing is a very caring teacher who really cares about the students and teaches with heart and soul. I am very confident that my son is in good hands with Teacher Shubin. Overall my son has made very good progress under teacher Shubing's care, guidance and support."

"I had a wonderful time understanding from the therapist and able to learn a lot from them. Thanks!"

"All the staff and teachers are very helpful. There are a lot of additional chances to help the children and family members to progress and work together. Thank you for your love for the children. My child has benefited much from your care and programme."

Children-In-Care Services (Adoption and Fostering)

"Attentive and professional in handlng, helpful. Assessor is very friendly and professional."

"Good and clear advices provided. Assessor is professional and is clear throughout the process."

"I have been well served by Fei Yue. I have felt at ease with the assessor and she has helped us gain further insights to some issues e.g. Disclosure. Great work!"

Prison Care Services

"I am very happy and satisfied with the services provided by Fei Yue FRC.  I would like to express my gratitude and thank you very much to Ms Janet for all the help given to me and also provide counselling for my daughter and now all my problems are solved.  SSO assisted me with $650/month for 6 months from Jan-Jun16.  Janet is good caseworker, she goes all the way to help me and often keep me updated on my case."

"Julia has been very helpful, calling up checking on my well-being.  Her service is excellent, she go extra mile to help me. Julia is very kind and helpful in attending to the well being of my family."

"Mr Lew is a good caseworker, who has fulfilled his duties. He really helped me a lot, he is also a good listener. All my concerns have been followed-up.  Mr Lew is very kind and helpful. Appreciated all help given to my family. I'm satisfied with the referred service provided by FRC."

"Ms Ying Yuh really go extra miles to help me and provided counselling to my daughter. I am grateful for all the services rendered to me and my family."

Family Central

"Mr David was really inspirational."

"The speaker is a very spontaneous and engaging man, well done!"

"Very relevant & inspiring! There are very good practical tips which I hope I could use."


"Evelyn is very spot on with real life issues with children. The examples she raised are very relevant."


Counselling and Casework Services

"Lan Cher has been the most wonderful counsellor when she handled my case. She has been all ears and would listen to my woes whenever I needed someone to talk to. She is a wonderful person."

"My social worker name is Karen. She helped me a lot from beginning till the end of my case. She really helpful person and always take care of my case. I really appreciate that. Thanks a lot Karen. Will not forget you."

"Our caseworker, Catherine has been really helpful, patient and caring towards us. The six months we spend meeting each other has been a pleasant and definitely memorable one."

"Mrs Lee is a very patient and caring counsellor who had supported me throughout the years. I did not expect that my case had been opened for several years and really appreciate the time spent analysing my problems and the valuable advice given. Thank you, Mrs Lee for being a supportive counsellor and friend for those few years. I wish her all the best and derive great enjoyment from her work. Hope that I can still keep in touch with her as a valuable friend."

"I would like to thank Vivien for her support and the whole process in attending to us and our daughter (she is able to open up to Vivien). Thank you for bringing her out from her low  moods to being able to handle her emotion now."

"Mr Steven has been a great help for me to manage my problems. His advise tips and sharing has greatly helped me to make improvements in my family situation. I sincerely appreciate his time, care and concern."

"Ms Sharyn and Mr Nic have helped me and family a lot during my difficult times.  They have been very understanding and empathised towards my family.  Strongly feel grateful for their support."

"Meiryl has been understanding and supportive casework. And she really helped me a lot. Thanks a lot Meiryl."


Youth Services

"I feel supported and understood by my counsellor."

"I am able to cope with my issues better."

"I would recommend ecounselling service to my friends when they are in need."

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