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Early Intervention Centre for Children

"My son loves to attend teacher Hannah's class. Can see improvement within these 2 months which I am really very happy."

"Frequent interactions with the staff or teachers have enable us to gain insights on better management of our child."

"They answered my questions patiently and helped me to assist child better."

"The school environment is "warm" and welcoming. Staff are always smiling and acknowledging parents/kids."

"The admin and social worker are very attentive to my queries, patient and do follow-up with reminders by email and calls. Much appreciated!"

"Teacher have done a wonderful job. They are very dedicated and care for the children."

"I am very satisfied with the qualiy of assistance and class sessions."

"Exceeded my expectation. Well done teachers!"

"I am really happy and appreciate all the efforts that the teachers have put on in teaching and engaging my child. He has shown so much improvement ever since he joined in 2015. The teachers are really dedicated and sincere in being a part of my child's progress."

Children-In-Care Services (Adoption and Fostering)

"It has been a good process, thorough and helpful. We are thankful to Li Wei as our Assessor. We truly appreciate all her help, and process throughout this first stage."

"Really detailed and excellent in conducting the interviews, provided lots of insight for parenting as well. Excellent experience and love Li Wei's presentation and guidance."


"Staff's professionalism help me understand the kid's emotional need, my phycological prepareness to bring in my child."

"Fei Yue was very helpful in answering our questions and was supportive throughout our journey"

"This is our second HSR done by Evangeline and we are very pleased with her friendliness and professionalism"

Prison Care Services

"Caseworker is kind & helpful. Appreciate Caseworker effort. I am happy and satisfied with the services provided by my caseworker, Julia."

"Caseworker was helpful and showed concern for my well-being."

"I'm very grateful & want to thanks my caseworker Ching Ching whom as helped & addressed to all my concerns. "

"What I like the most is when the facilitators touches our heart and provide more positive thoughts and belief in us."

"Trainer has presented the programme in a highly entertaining way and it benefitted us. The interaction between Trainer and inmate are strong and good."


"My caseworker (Daphne) who represents Fei Yue has been exceedingly supportive and positively constructive in her mentorship and assistance provided in the best interests of her client's current and prospective area of need."

"The trainer, Richard, is patient, helpful and very personable. The course itself is enriching for those who take it seriously, and I appreciate the effort of Richard to try to engage every single person."

"The Facilitators are very lively, patient and always lend us a listening ear"


"My counsellor very good and sincerely helpful and supportive."

Family Central

"Speaker was very friendly and shared great tips and experience."

"Mr David is an excellent speaker. He relates to his real life experiences for better understanding."

"A good sharing and mind opener for child raising and development tips."

"Very efficient speaker and good communication skills and knowledge. Very informative."

"Speaker is very engaging and candid."

"Good to recommend to MOE educators."

"Very good communication skills, sharing experiences are good,engaging the audience/create interaction & bring life to the presentation. Observes proper timing. Very good!"

"Mr Seah shares many real life examples. He makes his talk very enlightening and enjoyable."

"Very good speaker-humorous, practical & effective in delivery of topic."

"Speaker is very good and motivating. Her workshop is interesting and I hope to attend more of the sessions she conducts."

"The speaker has a sense of humour & never a dull moment."

"Very Good Speaker. Good relevant examples and homorous."

"Very good reinforcement of ideas to assist parents."

"Presenter able to carry out points, well elaborated in an engaging way."



"The contents are very good. The participants are very spontaneous and responsive."



"Evelyn as a speaker has done her part well and also helped to improve our relationship with spouse throught this programmes."


"Good illustration of concepts in laymen's terms." 

"It's a beneficial talk. The trainer is clearly experienced in many areas. Would like more talks in other areas by this counsellor."

"Very lively and experienced speaker."

"It is a very informative programme and an eye opener."

"Engaging speaker who interested the audience with real-life examples and humour."

"Best parental session speaker I've heard."

"Extremely engaging, eye opening & able to relate the importance of communication to teens & their difficulties."

"Ms Khong session is good.  She is funny and clear presentation."


"Thank you Arthur for a very insightful session. Very useful tips were shared.Definitely benefit my marriage & family life."

"Speaker's talk is meaningful & serves as a goold reminder to our parenting skills."





Counselling and Casework Services

"Fei Yue Family Service Centre was very helpful to my family. If anyong needs help I will strongly recommend FYFSC, specially Mdm Catherine, who is a very kind and  helpful and understanding person."

"Ms Christina was really helping me a lot to cope with my problem and with her guidance and support as well as thought I feel very happy and satisfied. Thanks to her moral support."

"I feel my Social Worker is patient, has good attitude & shows caring & concern & will do his utmost best to counsel & help me."


"Miss Amanda has helped me a lot, and listened to my problems. Thank you very much Miss Amanda for helping me."

"Mr Chu is an excellent counsellor who provides execellent service and knowledge. He shares life experiences in a lively method. He is execellent mentor for young counsellor and a good friend."

"Thanks to the counselling, my son has changed for to better and able to control his anger. He has successfully completed his exam. I did not receive any futher complaint from his school and that is a huge relief for me."

"Lisa is very understanding officer and so friendly.  She has a kind heart and very lovely person."

"Sharon is very professional & knowledgeable.  She is also a good listener as she able to show empathy and understand my situation."

"I think that Faith has provided very good service to me.  She has helped me to understand my problems better & provided good advice for me to handle the situation."

"Thank you Sharon Lim for all the good stuff you've done for me and my kids. You have helped me see life in a different good aspect."

"Yvonne was very patient in hearing about what is causing my anxiety and offering useful suggestions that help me to cope."

"Social worker is very gentle and understands my situation well. She helped me to become happier and I am now no longer bothered by the troubles. Thank you for the help offered and I truly appreciated it."

"Lanny has been very supportive and tried her best to help myself and my family."

"Winnie is very patient and loving. I'm thankful to have her listening to my difficulties and providing opinions during my times of adversity."

"Winnie is very professional and responsive. She is a blessing to us."

Student Care Centre

"Thank you very much for taking good care of my child and having organised so many interesting enrichment activities. My child has a good time here. He learnt a lot and made new friends." 

"Thank you to all teachers & helpers, for your dedicated care, patience & effort in taking care of my son."

"I find him more independent and always in good mood when I picked him from Fei Yue Student Care"

"I greatly appreciate any updates of his behaviour/study progress."

"The teachers & staffs are very responsible and make the effort that my boy finish his homework & most importance, guidance & patient were given to correct and teach him the right value."

Volunteer Development

"Volunteering with Fei Yue has helped me appreciate the challenges faced by workers on the ground, dealing with child abuse. I applaud all their efforts."

Great volunteer engagement and building personal relationship with volunteers."

"Respect the staff at Fei Yue for opening their hearts to us and sharing invaluable knowledge of dealing with and interacting with children with us and I really appreciate the amount of kindness and support we were provided with. I really thank you for your time and friendship!"

"It was a joy and meaningful experience to serve the volunteer work in Fei Yue. To be able to work with both children and adults. I have learnt several interpersonal skills such as patience and communication effectively with both adults and children."

I feel appreciated as a volunteer with Fei Yue. I must compliment my supervisor, Shona Tan, for her understanding and patient working with her these few years. Thank you, Shona."

Youth Services

"I appreciate everything you've done, and I gotta say you're one of the best counsellors I've experienced; Thank you for making a difference."

"I have officially back on track in life :) I definitely recommend this ecounselling centre to anybody in need."

"Thank you for making me find the reason behind it all. Thank you for giving me the chance to feel hopeful once again. Thank you for making me believe that my dreams can be achieved."

"I learnt to manage things, regulate my own emotions and know what it within my control, what isnt. So I guess I just wanted to say, Thank you for all the afternoons and advice you've given me :) and also being a really patient and kind listener and counsellor."

"I have personally benefited from my online counselling session before I have the opportunity to go for a face to face appointment. Thank you for supporting me in my healing and recovery from the recent trauma I have experienced in my life. I am grateful for your support."

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