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The impact of incarceration on families and children of inmates, the unintended victims of crime, is often significant and negative. The inmates' families are often thrown into a state of crisis when their family member is imprisoned. Moreover, the stressors on families will increase when a parent who is a breadwinner is imprisoned. This results in financial difficulties, adjustment problems, childcare problems, parenting problems etc. and will have implications on the level of family support, which, left unmanaged, may lead to a rising trend in juvenile delinquency. It is also common that many marriages end in divorce due to incarceration, and young children become out-of-school youths as a result of imprisonment.


The Family Resource Centre (FRC) provides specific services to inmates and their family members. The FRC was set up to serve the following objectives:

  1. To provide assistance and support to inmates' families to help them cope during the inmates' incarceration
  2. To provide assistance in aftercare support for released inmates without family support

Our Services

1. Information & Referral
    We refer inmates to an appropriate voluntary welfare organization to receive help.

2. Case Management
    We provide inmates with counselling and link them with the relevant voluntary welfare 

Emergency Fund donations needed!

When a parent who is a breadwinner is imprisoned, his/her family is often thrown into a state of financial crisis.  Many times, the family has no savings to tide them through the period of imprisonment, or worse, they may not even have enough savings to last them till the inmate’s spouse or other family member(s) find a job. Lack of support from extended family members may also cause further devastation to the family.

FRC’s Emergency Fund was set up to help inmates’ families who fall into this state of crisis.  This fund is used to provide food vouchers and EZ-Link cards (for transportation) as emergency aids for the families. We also provide this assistance to released inmates who have no family support.

 If you wish to help these families through supporting this fund, please write us a cheque made payable to "Fei Yue Community Services", and send it to the following address. Please provide your full name, I/C number, and address to receive a tax-exemption receipt.  

        Family Resource Centre
        Prison Link Centre, Changi
        990 Upper Changi Road North
        Level 2
        Singapore 506968
        Tel: 6546 7460

        Operating hours:
        Monday to Friday,
        8.00am to 5.00pm

        For enquiries and donations,
        please contact Ms Susan Goh at:
        Tel: 6546 7460 / 96652993
        Email: susangoh@fycs.org

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